"Fashion is a form of self-expression. It's about creating your own identity and showcasing your personality through what you wear."

Vitali Hakko

Vitali Hakko was a visionary who possessed a character that was bold, free-spirited, and ahead of its time. His unparalleled creativity, sharp business acumen, and unwavering determination to turn his dreams into reality played pivotal roles in his triumphs. Hakko was a man of action, driven by his instincts, daring to take risks, and always innovating. His signature style was a reflection of his unique vision, a belief in creating designs that were not only comfortable and refined but also timeless.
the foundation of Vakko, he transformed Turkey's fashion industry, leaving a lasting legacy that extended beyond fashion to encompass education, culture, and the arts. Vitali Hakko's inspiring story, which began almost a century ago, continues to shape the values of Vakko today.