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Limited Liability

Vakko shall not have any judicial and/or illicit liability for any direct and/or indirect damages and losses which may be incurred by Users, Members, and other third parties such as any computer-related viruses, trojan horses, and likewise malware that may be exposed due to using this Website, using data provided on the Website, any behaviour related to or based on such data or access to the Website. Users of the Website declare, accept and undertake that any claims shall not be made against Vakko under any conditions which might be due to the damages mentioned above. Vakko does not undertake or guarantee that the Users and/or other third parties shall offer continuous services free from defects. Vakko does not undertake or guarantee the accuracy, completeness and adequateness of the information and data published or presented on the Website against the Users or third parties. Vakko shall under no circumstances be held responsible for linked, advertised or shared websites via banners or similar methods or for any services and activities provided on those linked or advertised websites. By using, logging or accessing this Website, the Users shall be liable to act by considering the legal rights of Vakko and the third parties and do not breach such rights. Users shall be the sole responsible in case of any damages arising from breaching the legal rights of any third parties and accepts, declares and undertakes not to hold Vakko liable for such damages.