Welfare of society and the individuals

Fostering a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect; taking actions aimed at benefiting the society and the individuals.


Our goal is to rank among the top 10 most desired companies to work for in Türkiye.

At Vakko, we take great pride in nurturing talent and fostering their growth.

In 2013, in an effort to support young creative talents who wish to pursue a career in the fashion industry, we’ve joined forces with the world’s first and foremost fashion school, Esmod. Conducted by industry professionals and encouraging the transfer of knowledge through generations, Vakko Esmod offers a variety of high-standard training programs in fashion, management and marketing.

Additionally, we have designed Vakko Career Model to guide and support our employees in reaching their career goals.

More recently, in collaboration with the EHL Group in Switzerland, we’ve launched the Vakko School of Hospitality and Service to set standards of excellence for vocational education and training in the field of hospitality.


We believe in passing down the knowledge and know-how for a sustainable future.


As the first library established by a fashion house in Türkiye, Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library represents a social impact investment in future generations, providing invaluable resources and opportunities for aspiring creatives to thrive and contribute to the cultural and artistic landscape.


Vakko Esmod empowers students to build upon the collective knowledge of past generations while embracing innovation and creativity in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion. Vakko Esmod ensures that expertise and skills are passed down from experienced instructors and industry experts to aspiring fashion professionals, fostering continuity and excellence in the field across different generations.


In partnership with the EHL Group, Switzerland, the Vakko School of Hospitality and Service is committed to delivering exceptional vocational education and training in the field of hospitality, with a strong focus on facilitating the transfer of knowledge. Through innovative teaching methodologies and practical experiences, Vakko School of Hospitality and Service ensures that students gain the skills and insights necessary for success.


We are dedicated to consistently enhancing our social impact.

In 1995, embracing community input, we have initiated a special program enabling women without job prospects to participate in scarf lining sewing.

Additionally, in 2009, as a gesture of public contribution, Vakko Group has established the Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library and relocated it to the Atatürk Cultural Center in 2022.


We commit to a fair workplace.

As outlined in our Social Policy we firmly oppose and prohibit discrimination based on race, gender, belief, marital status, union membership, health status, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin among our workforces.

In terms of gender equality, 52% of our employees are female, with 51% of managerial positions held by women.

Additionally, our Ethics Phone Line is accessible to address any concerns.